State Electronic Records Initiative

SERI Subcommittees

The SERI Steering Committee is co-chaired by Veronica Martzahl (MA) and Tim Baker (MD) and is made up of CoSA Board Members, CoSA Members, and SERI Subcommittee Representatives.

The SERI Steering Committee works to:

  • Develop and recommend to the CoSA Board a Ten Year Sustainability Plan for SERI.
  • Adopt the proposed agenda items for the SERI subcommittees and ask each subcommittee to develop a work plan.
  • Develop funding strategies to sustain SERI during Phase III and over the long-term.
  • Leverage SAA, NAGARA, and NHPRC (partnership) and IMLS interest in SERI and electronic records collaborations.
  • Recommend CoSA staff and volunteer responsibilities for SERI to the CoSA Board.
  • Coordinate the timing and planning of future Self-Assessments and SERI surveys (from working groups).
  • Propose to the CoSA Board a mechanism to disseminate information to all state archives staff.
  • Distribute tasks - aid in the recruitment to identify new people for involvement with SERI.

Advocacy & Communication Subcommittee Tasks

  • Contact the National Governors Association (seeking partnership with NASS and NASCIO) to outline the challenges faced by the State Archives community in electronic records and digital preservation and to seek more resources and support.
  • Develop and distribute, with SERI Steering Committee approval, a State of State E-Records report to communicate the challenges and opportunities faced by the states and territories regarding electronic records.
  • Manage and further foster the SAA, NAGARA, NHPRC, and IMLS partnership and interest in SERI and electronic records collaboration.
  • Highlight and promote the work and advancements of individual state electronic records programs.
  • Develop and promote Twitter, and social media generally, campaigns around specific events, dates, and products around electronic records.
  • Develop additional electronic records awareness materials.
  • Distribute Governance Manuals and Standards to CoSA members developed by the Tools & Resources Subcommittee.
  • Continue to enhance and promote Electronic Records Day (October 10).

Monthly virtual meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Additionally, members contribute intermittently to guidance documents, submit one tweet per month, and review or draft scripts and presentations for online social media outreach.

For more information, contact Co-Chairs Christian Skipper (Maryland Department of Transportation and Patricia Mitchell (Tennessee State Library and Archives, Patricia Mitchell,

Education & Programming Subcommittee Tasks

We work to facilitate the sharing of advice and assistance on electronic record topics. Our major projects include:

  • Putting on monthly SERI webinars
  • Creating training material, such as our Bit Rot video
  • Reaching out to electronic records communities to see how we can best support them

We meet twice a month. Our committee members also:

  • Brainstorm new webinar and training ideas
  • Reach out to and coordinate with potential speakers and contributors
  • Create training content, or read and provide feedback on content created by others

The time commitment varies over time, and you can take on more or less responsibilities as your other commitments allow. On average, committee members put in 2-5 hours a month.

If you're interested, please contact Co-Chairs Bonnie Weddle ( and Kathryn Baringer (

Tools & Resources Subcommittee Tasks


  • Develop best practices, models, and standards related to information governance, digital preservation, digital processing workflows, and other aspects of archival practices to assist CoSA’s community in navigating the government information management decision-making process
  • Develop frameworks for improvement of individual states and territories’ digital preservation and electronic records management maturity
  • Develop governance, and provide oversight and management of the CoSA Resource Center; utilize the Resource Center to highlight the best tools and resources
  • Collaborate with the Education & Programming Subcommittee to provide training opportunities specifically focused for tools and resources
  • Assist with CoSA/SERI grant project components assigned to the subcommittee
  • Create a space for states to collaborate without travel in concert with the Education & Programming Subcommittee

Subcommittee members are expected to join us for our monthly meeting at 1pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Additionally, members are expected to contribute a few hours to collaborate on guidance documents, review portal resources, and other tasks ntotaling no more than 3-5 hours per month.

Current tasks:

  • Development of Digital Best Practices series, long-form guides for various aspects of archival management/administration
  • Drafting and revising guidance documents for collaborative partners as part of ACCESS Grant
  • Development of scripts and slides for SERI video series
  • Best practices and guidance during COVID/work-at-home

For more information, please contact Co-Chairs Nick Connizzo ( and Suzanne Stasiulatis (