Committees & Task Forces

  • Coordinate CoSA's Advocacy work
  • Liaison with other ogranizations and groups
  • Monthly meetings

Committee Members (2024)

  • Jami Awalt, TN
  • John Dougan, MO
  • Karen Gray, AK
  • Aly Jabrocki, CO
  • Dave Joens, IL
  • Sarah Koonts, NC
  • Damon Munz, CT
  • Melanie Counce Montanaro, LA
  • Tom Ruller, NY (Chair)
  • Active May-November, every other year
  • Monitors trends in archival profession and how that will change the biennial survey
  • Reviews questions for the ARM survey
  • Works with ARM survey consultant, who prepares and deploys the survey and analyzes responses
  • Active May-June and November-December
  • Review award nominations by email
  • Meet once per cycle to review nominees and select recipients

Committee Members

  • Sara Davis, WY
  • Heather Hultman, MT
  • Shawn Rounds, MN
  • Ken Williams, UT (chair)
  • Corporate relations
  • Advice and assistance to CoSA Development Coordinator
  • Research on foundation and federal grant opportunities
  • Other fundraising ideas
  • Quarterly meetings

Committee Members

  • Janet Braga, NY
  • Conley Edwards, retired
  • Karen Gray, AK
  • Joshua Hackel, IL
  • Tom Ruller, NY
  • Sandra Treadway, VA
  • Ken Williams, UT
  • Coordinate webinars
  • Coordinate monthly calls of state archivists and state archives staff
  • Mentoring program
  • Monthly meetings

Committee Members

  • Beth Golding, FL
  • Mark Harvey, MI
  • James Kichas, UT
  • Kristi Lear, IL
  • Lopez, Matthews, DC
  • Abbie Norderhaug, WI
  • Cathy Popovitch, IL
  • Allen Ramsey, CT
  • Shawn Rounds, MN
  • Tom Ruller, NY
  • David Ware, AR
  • Review and monitor CoSA's monthly financial and investment reports
  • Approves annual budget and monitors budget reports
  • Reviews annual audit and responds to audit recommendations
  • Monitors CoSA's investment fund
  • Monthly meetings

The Finance Committee Members:

  • Steve Murray, CoSA Secretary-Treasurer
  • Cynthis Laframboise, CoSA Board Member
  • John D. (Jack) Warner, Non-Board Member
  • Assist in implementing strategic initiatives for IDEA
  • Coordinate work of other committees on IDEA
  • Monthly meetings

Committee Members

  • Alan Arellano, VA
  • Elaine Rice Bachman, MD
  • Stephanie Clark, OR
  • Melissa Coy, UT
  • Dorothy Gidiere, AL
  • Rebecca Halbmaier, KY
  • Sarah Koonts, NC
  • Lizette Pelletier, CT
  • Elena Perez, NM
  • Cathy Popovitch, IL
  • Active March-July
  • Recommends CoSA Board nominees to the CoSA Board
  • Recruits committee members

Committee Members

  • Cathy Popovitch, IL

SERI Subcommittees

For State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) subcommittee information, please visit the SERI Subcommittees page.