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As a nonprofit membership association, we depend on your support to help us build collaborative research, education, and advocacy programs that help state and territorial government archives with their responsibilities for protecting the rights and historical documents of the American people.

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Disaster Recovery Fund

When CoSA launched its Disaster Recovery Fund in 2017, its purpose was to provide modest support to state and territorial archives recovering from natural disasters. Over the years, CoSA has used these funds to help archives devastated by hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. We couldn’t have done this without your support.

Walch Leadership Fund

Victoria Irons Walch
CoSA Executive Director, 2006-2012

Named in honor of CoSA’s first Executive Director, Victoria Irons Walch, this fund supports the annual Walch Leadership Award, recognizing sustained leadership and outstanding contributions of individuals or institutions to the development of state and territorial archives or to CoSA; and the Walch Emerging Leader Award, which encourages the development of emerging state and territorial archives leaders by providing funds for their continued leadership training and development.

Barbara Teague
2022 Victoria Irons Walch Leadership Award Recipient

Internship Fund

Created in 2022 at the request of outgoing CoSA Executive Director Barbara Teague, this fund supports internships at CoSA as a way of encouraging graduate students and emerging professionals to consider careers in state and territorial archives. Interns will work virtually on a variety of CoSA programs, attend committee and annual meetings, and learn about the important role of state and territorial archives in documenting government, promoting history, and securing residents' rights. Your gift helps ensure quality educational opportunities for our NextGen leadership in state and territorial archives.